About Vidicom

When it first videotaped a fashion show for broadcast, Vidicom opened the door on a new generation of public relations and advertising. Abandoning the need for drawn-out production times and reliance on television scheduling to bring together elements of a target audience, the firm targets its audiences far more accurately by delivering its content and messages over a broad range of media, including social media and other interfaces outside the home or office. By providing interactive content, Vidicom permits consumers to form their own relationships with brands by means of fan groups on social networks like Facebook.

For 30 years, Vidicom has set trends in the advertising and public relations industries, primarily in reaching out to target audiences in non-traditional settings, often where there are few distractions, if any. For example, Vidicom creates content through its Citybuzz service for interactive video screens installed in the backsets of innumerable taxicabs in major business centers nationwide, as well as in hotel rooms and commercial aircraft. Vidicom creates content oriented toward the viewing location. The content Vidicom creates for hotel rooms, for instance, generally runs about half an hour, while that made for taxicabs generally runs no longer than five minutes. The content itself is like an infomercial, and often is interspersed with custom clips created with Vidicom’s partners like Macy’s and Best Buy.

In 2012, during its 30th anniversary, Vidicom was honored by the Public Relations Society of America with a Bronze Anvil Award for its InteracTV campaign for Calvin Klein Underwear, “Naked Glamour.” InteracTV is another Vidicom innovation, a social link that brings consumers and brands together in an interactive environment. Once the real-time event has completed, clips of the recording are made available almost immediately for rebroadcast or embedding on websites. More information on Vidicom’s services and Sky Terrace Studios, its state-of-the-art recording facility in New York City, is available at the company’s website at www.vidicom.com.


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