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Vidicom: Why Online Video is the Future of Media

8 Mar

The Internet is transforming the way consumers and brands interact. While these changes can often pose challenges for advertisers, they also present unprecedented opportunities. With more than 30 years of experience pushing the media envelope and developing innovative ways of engaging with consumers, Vidicom understands that online media is the wave of the future.

The impact of online video is growing rapidly. In fact, market research firm eMarketer recently told Computerworld that an estimated 5.6% more people will watch online video in 2013 than the year before. A wider range of companies than ever is seeking to tap into this expanding potential, distinguishing themselves from their competitors and crafting unified messages that incorporate digital video along with traditional marketing tools.

Vidicom’s expertise in the realm of online video makes the company an excellent choice to develop Internet-based and cross-platform video campaigns. From its full-service Sky Terrace Studios to its relationships across media platforms, Vidicom is ready to help grow brands and increase consumer engagement by seizing the technologies of the future, today.


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